Friday, October 26, 2012

Not sure what to do

I have a friend that is driving me up the wall. She was a good friend for awhile, but now I'm not so sure. It seems that everytime we go to the store or something like that she wants to go out to lunch and most times she wants me to pay for her lunch. She pays after I've paid for one, but I just can't go out to lunch all the time. Her and her husband make alot less money than my family and she borrows from her mother's overdraft account. (Her mother is in a nursing home.) I don't understand how she can just use her mothers money like that. If I can't afford to go out to lunch or get a pedicure I stay home, but she borrows from someone that can't even give her permission. It is also such a one sided friendship. I drive everywhere. She has a car and yet she never will drive. She says that her car is too old to drive too often. It's a 91 toyota so I know it's fine. I really wish I knew more of what to do. I don't want to write her off because I know that will not help her (she's been on anti-depressents for over 13 years plus anxiety meds and she said she's bi-polar. I don't believe that one). I think I've decided that I will let her come to me. If she wants to be my friend then she needs to make the effort. I've made alot of the effort, (even inviting her to a girls night where she wanted to bring her husband and was mad when I said no husbands) and I think it's her turn to try.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

It starts

Summer has come to our house. I know that summer doesn't really start for a week or so, but here the kids are outside constantly. Aaron is busy with the scouts (I mean super busy) planning camping trips and the fundraiser in August. He is still working hard at work and other fun things. Ethan is now 10 and finding out that just running around the neighborhood can be super fun when you can go more places than just staying on the street. He spent a few days with my parents and got to go fishing up at Mirror Lake. He broke his previous record of fish caught from 0 to 7 fish. He says that he would have caught more, but Bappa started to tell him that it was his turn to catch fish. He had tons of fun and Zsa Zsa has challenged him to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. She says that when he is finished that they will take him fishing again. Andrew has decided that he is a real monkey. I caught him on top of the carport getting a ball down. As he was climbing down I told him to be careful so that he won't fall. He told me that he was a monkey and can't fall. I told him that even monkeys can fall sometimes. He doesn't believe me. He has now seen a video of parkor and is thinking about trying it. Makes me nervous. He is also having fun running everywhere around the neighborhood. Ike is outside almost all day. He is so brown that most of the time I can't tell what's dirt and what's skin. Although when I gave him a bath this morning he did lighten up a bit. He has a friend that lives right next door named Deanna. They play almost everyday and he has discovered that girls can cry at everything. When Ike comes inside she cries. He also has a friend down the street that he plays with alot. His name is Eligha. They all have tons of fun running up and down between the houses. We don't have a whole lot planned for this summer as Aaron is way busy. We hope to get some fun in though. We did get a new member of our family about a week ago. Her name is Pete! She is a dog and the boys love her. She's doing pretty well on her training, she's just so whiny sometimes, I guess that's to be expected. Pete and Zoey get along great. They sleep in the same kennel and wrestle every night. I hope they will be good friends for awhile. Well, that's us for right now. Not much with us, but the boys still having fun!

Monday, May 21, 2012

I hope to win!

The Penny is having a giveaway for a new Kitchen Aid mixer! I would so like to win!!! I hope that I do. I bake quite often and would really enjoy one!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Still Here

I haven't blogged in a while so I thought I'd let you know we were all still here. I just had my last day of school for this semester and it couldn't have come fast enough. I was getting kinda burnt out. I need a break. School was fun this semester, but I just was done earlier than the teachers were. Ethan and Andrew have been ready for school to get out for about 3 weeks now. Too bad they have to stay in school for about another 20 days or so. They got to go on some pretty good field trips this year and they've been so excited for that! Andrew has started playing the violin and is doing a good job. He doesn't like to practice a whole lot, but he doesn't have much of a choice, him being just 7 and all. Ike has been so funny lately! He doesn't like to take naps all the time so when he is tired he is nuts! The other day he was trying to put on his shoes. He had one on and then was crying because he couldn't find the other shoe. The other shoe was in his hand, but he couldn't find it. Aaron and I just sat there laughing at him for a minute and then tried telling him where the shoe was. He wouldn't listen and would cry louder. Finally he looked at his hand and started laughing. I'm glad that he has such good humor and can already laugh at himself. He has told me that he doesn't want to go to school, that he wants to stay and play with me. That's fine with me! We're holding him back a year anyway. This summer we don't have any huge plans. We hope to do some fun things with the boys and start a new garden. I am looking forward to not driving the boys to and from school for awhile and me not having to go for a while too.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What we've been doing.

Sorry that I haven't blogged a whole lot in a bit. We have been busy! Aaron is the Young Men's President in our ward. He has been in this calling for about a year now and just recently got some good counselers. He's been super busy and we rarely get a Saturday for our family. I've been going to school about 3 days a week. I am only taking 2 classes, but still it's 3 days a week. One class is anthropogy and the other is criminal justice. They are both interesting classes with very good teachers. Ethan and Andrew are both doing very well in their school. I am surprised at some of the things the charter school has them doing in their grades. Andrew's teacher has them working on short term memory and I've been impressed at what progress he's been gaining. Ethan is gaining such strides in his math that we are all happy. If only he could talk a little nicer to his brother I'd be happier. Isaac is just as silly as a 3yrold should be. Everyone keeps telling me to cut his hair, but I don't want too. I like it longer!

I hope this was enough of an update for you!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Happenings

This year has been good at our house! Things have gone well for us and we've been able to help out some of our friends as well.

Ethan turned 9 this year. (I'm not old enough for that) He finished the 3rd grade with flying colors and was very excited to start 4th grade. This summer he spent his days running around the neighborhood with his friends. A week before he started school we recived a phone call that Ethan and Andrew were accepted into the local charter school. Ethan is working really hard and has been excelling in his classes. He is further ahead than the 4th graders at his other school and is very happy about this.

Andrew finished kindergarten this year very excited for his 1st grade year. At the charter school he is doing really well. Even though he gets frustrated at times, he is learning how to work hard. He also thinks his teacher is cute! Andrew spent this summer getting lost. We went to the Davis County Fair and lost Andrew promptly. For about 20 min, Aaron and I looked everywhere just about going out of our minds. Then we found him with the police officers. We lost him again at the Ft. Bridger Rendevous in Wyoming. Luckly we found him alot quicker digging in the dirt.

Isaac spent this past spring learning to use the potty. He has really developed his own personality this year. He has decided that he will do what he wants to do and not anything else. He has learned to shout and has learned to be forcful. He wishes he could go to school and uses Andrew's old homework assignments to use as his own. Isaac got to get a big boy bed this year in the shape of a race car! He loves his bed! He spent all summer asking when his birthday was and then everyone elses birthday he decided was his. He is growing way too fast for me, but will cuddle when his brothers are not around.

Aaron got a new job working for Paramont. Not the motion pictures, but a place that handles alot of the gyms around here. He is doing really well and is enjoying his job. He is now the Young Mens Pres in our ward and enjoys it. Our young mens program is not very big at the moment, but is't working alot better with Aaron in charge than it was before.

Cari has been going to school this past year. Even though at times she has wanted to quit, Aaron lets her know that it is worth the work and frustration.

As a family this year we have done many fun things. We went to Ft. Bridger Rendevous in Wyoming this past Sept. and enjoyed it so much that we are going to be going again next year. We also went camping and did alot more fun things. We hope to do even more this next year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Not sure what happened

There are some people that live just down the street from me. I've lived here almost 5 years and they have been my friends for most of those. Just recently I've stopped going down to their house to visit. Not because I don't like them, but because there are alot of people living in the house at the moment and alot of animals. I am not one that likes all of that, so I prefer to stay at my house. Since I haven't gone over to visit them in a bit they've decided that I don't like them. This is not true. I still like them and would like to be friends, but I feel like I am putting forth the all the effort in this friendship. For awhile it's gotten to where the only time these people would call me would be because they wanted something from me. Like to borrow eggs, tools (which I don't lend), or even borrow my car. I almost feel like since people assume I have more money than them that they are entitled to it. Let me clue in those people. I DON"T have tons of money. I have a husband that works his butt off to give us some better things.

I have to guess that the people down the street just don't want to be my friend if they don't even want to put forth the effort to even walk down to my house, or call me to have a conversation. I hope that I am not wrong, but I have carried friendships before, and I just don't have the time to do that anymore.