Thursday, June 14, 2012

It starts

Summer has come to our house. I know that summer doesn't really start for a week or so, but here the kids are outside constantly. Aaron is busy with the scouts (I mean super busy) planning camping trips and the fundraiser in August. He is still working hard at work and other fun things. Ethan is now 10 and finding out that just running around the neighborhood can be super fun when you can go more places than just staying on the street. He spent a few days with my parents and got to go fishing up at Mirror Lake. He broke his previous record of fish caught from 0 to 7 fish. He says that he would have caught more, but Bappa started to tell him that it was his turn to catch fish. He had tons of fun and Zsa Zsa has challenged him to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. She says that when he is finished that they will take him fishing again. Andrew has decided that he is a real monkey. I caught him on top of the carport getting a ball down. As he was climbing down I told him to be careful so that he won't fall. He told me that he was a monkey and can't fall. I told him that even monkeys can fall sometimes. He doesn't believe me. He has now seen a video of parkor and is thinking about trying it. Makes me nervous. He is also having fun running everywhere around the neighborhood. Ike is outside almost all day. He is so brown that most of the time I can't tell what's dirt and what's skin. Although when I gave him a bath this morning he did lighten up a bit. He has a friend that lives right next door named Deanna. They play almost everyday and he has discovered that girls can cry at everything. When Ike comes inside she cries. He also has a friend down the street that he plays with alot. His name is Eligha. They all have tons of fun running up and down between the houses. We don't have a whole lot planned for this summer as Aaron is way busy. We hope to get some fun in though. We did get a new member of our family about a week ago. Her name is Pete! She is a dog and the boys love her. She's doing pretty well on her training, she's just so whiny sometimes, I guess that's to be expected. Pete and Zoey get along great. They sleep in the same kennel and wrestle every night. I hope they will be good friends for awhile. Well, that's us for right now. Not much with us, but the boys still having fun!

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