Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 Happenings

This year has been good at our house! Things have gone well for us and we've been able to help out some of our friends as well.

Ethan turned 9 this year. (I'm not old enough for that) He finished the 3rd grade with flying colors and was very excited to start 4th grade. This summer he spent his days running around the neighborhood with his friends. A week before he started school we recived a phone call that Ethan and Andrew were accepted into the local charter school. Ethan is working really hard and has been excelling in his classes. He is further ahead than the 4th graders at his other school and is very happy about this.

Andrew finished kindergarten this year very excited for his 1st grade year. At the charter school he is doing really well. Even though he gets frustrated at times, he is learning how to work hard. He also thinks his teacher is cute! Andrew spent this summer getting lost. We went to the Davis County Fair and lost Andrew promptly. For about 20 min, Aaron and I looked everywhere just about going out of our minds. Then we found him with the police officers. We lost him again at the Ft. Bridger Rendevous in Wyoming. Luckly we found him alot quicker digging in the dirt.

Isaac spent this past spring learning to use the potty. He has really developed his own personality this year. He has decided that he will do what he wants to do and not anything else. He has learned to shout and has learned to be forcful. He wishes he could go to school and uses Andrew's old homework assignments to use as his own. Isaac got to get a big boy bed this year in the shape of a race car! He loves his bed! He spent all summer asking when his birthday was and then everyone elses birthday he decided was his. He is growing way too fast for me, but will cuddle when his brothers are not around.

Aaron got a new job working for Paramont. Not the motion pictures, but a place that handles alot of the gyms around here. He is doing really well and is enjoying his job. He is now the Young Mens Pres in our ward and enjoys it. Our young mens program is not very big at the moment, but is't working alot better with Aaron in charge than it was before.

Cari has been going to school this past year. Even though at times she has wanted to quit, Aaron lets her know that it is worth the work and frustration.

As a family this year we have done many fun things. We went to Ft. Bridger Rendevous in Wyoming this past Sept. and enjoyed it so much that we are going to be going again next year. We also went camping and did alot more fun things. We hope to do even more this next year!

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